Welcome to Pevest App Inventor 2: Learn to Code!

This is a web site, a blog, tutorials, sample code, a Facebook page, e-books and more!

App Inventor is a quick and simple way to create apps for Android.

App Inventor 2, developed by Google and MIT, is a browser-based Android development system featuring a “drag and drop” user interface designer and a similar “blocks” visual programming system.

App Inventor has been pitched towards those under age 18 as a simplified way to create games for Android. However, App Inventor is quite capable of creating business and productivity applications too. And that is what this web site is about!

My style is to provide simple, step-by-step examples of each feature. This makes it easier for you to understand the specifics of a component – such as App Inventor lists, or user interface components – without a lot of complexity. There are many fine tutorials available online but they tend to present entire programs containing many App Inventor features all at once. My goal is to present each feature in a simple, isolated example, whenever possible.

I have also created a series of e-books to help you get started – see detailed descriptions of these App Inventor e-books here.


My name is Edward Mitchell and I live in Hillsboro, Oregon, near Portland.  I am not affiliated with Google or MIT and this effort is done independently, by me.P1030607_2-300x279

I have worked in tech companies ranging from Silicon Valley to Microsoft and others. I have a B.S. in information and computer science from the University of California, an M.S. in software engineering from Regis University, and an M.B.A. from Gonzaga University.

I have written about a dozen books on software or technical subjects. For fun, I fly a hovercraft and shoot 3D still photography and 3D video. My 3D news, photography and video techniques blog is at http://3d.coldstreams.com – check it out!

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About the Heading Photo At Top of Page

The photo is cropped from a photo I took of the Natural Bridge in Capitol Reef National Park in Utah in the spring of 2014.

I took a 3D photo of the Natural Bridge using two small Nikon 1 cameras to take the left and right images for the 3D photo. But I cropped out a section of just one of the images for the title photo.

I suppose this photo should have some symbolism about developing App Inventor apps and the power of App Inventor programming – but in reality, its just a nice photo of a neat rock formation!

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