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Some computer joke in this

Saw this sign at a campground, identifying 4 separate roadway loops where people may camp. For programmers, this sign is amusing. “A Loop”, and “BCD Loops”. BCD stands for binary coded decimal, which is...

Introducing my “Internet of Things” Blog

The “Internet of Things” refers to connecting all types of products and sensors to the Internet. Sensors, microcontrollers and communications are so inexpensive they can be built in to many objects and devices. For... usage

This web site is now receiving 25,000 unique visitors each month! I am very pleased that these tutorials are helpful to so many people all over the world! Web site access is nearly the...

Anti-spam feature added to this web site blog

Spammers are starting to hit this web site pretty hard – registering fake accounts, attempting to post comment spam and more. I have just paid for a software plug-in that appears to prevent the... is back online!

On 28 March 2016 you may have received a “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” error message when trying to access This occurred because interest in tutorials on coding in MIT App Inventor is high! And...

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