Using the WebViewer Control in App Inventor

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  1. Thiago Barrios says:


  2. Hugh Mungus says:

    How do you get the Yellow block there? I cannot find it.

    • Edward M says:

      I assume you are referring to the item labeled When btnDemoWebViewer.Click? When I wrote that tutorial I did not post a full set of code – sorry about that.I should re do it. What is – I dragged a Button control from the palette onto the Designer View. Then, I selected the Button with my mouse, and under Components, I renamed the button to “btnDemoWebViewer”.

      Next, go over to Blocks. On the left hand side, you should fine a control labeled btnDemoWebViewer. Click on that and you will see a popup display of events, properties and methods (procedures) for the selected control. There will be one labeled “btnDemoWebViewer.Click”. Select and drag that on to the Blocks editing area – and your done!


  3. Hari Krishna says:

    Hello, I need to capture images in the second phone from an online streaming video of first phone and store it in second phone. i need help to create an app for the second phone… plzzz help me…

    • Edward M says:

      My first thought is this cannot be done in App Inventor.

      First, you would have to transfer the data over Bluetooth to the other phone – and that is not fast enough for video. App Inventor does not enable us to access WiFi for the link.

      Second, there is not a way to send an image or video over Bluetooth. That would require accessing the image in binary form and transferring the bytes across a link.

      I do not think this can be done.


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