App Inventor 2: Databases and Files – available shortly

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7 Responses

  1. Ben Cooper says:

    Just got your book, very helpful for projects I am developing for my students, so thanks. One thing though, where can I find the source code referred to?

  2. Todd Frye says:

    I need the source code also, please. And I’ve found a few errors, including pages 468-469, where two different event handlers are listed for a button, and a text item was referred to in the Blocks section that wasn’t first listed in the Design section (txtTaskDescription). It seems as though two chapter segments were conflated, or something?

    • Edward M says:

      Todd – Thanks for writing me. I will also try to send you an email to the private FB email address on your post.

      The download link is on page 2 “the copyright” and intellectual property permissions page at the beginning of the book (Databases and Files book).

      I am currently traveling and do not have access to the ereader version (but I do have a copy of the original MS Word document that I used to write the book). In which chapter did you run into the problem with two different event handlers and the txtTaskDescription issue?

      I fly home on Sunday and might not be able to look at this until Monday, but I will definitely look it on or before Monday.



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