Interest in App Inventor continues to grow

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6 Responses

  1. Edward M says:

    Hi Ronaldo,
    I agree – when programs get large, the blocks get hard to manage. I saw one program that was sufficiently large that editing just bogged down completely. If you have not already done so, you might try using the “Collapse block” feature. Right click the mouse with the pointer over a block and select “Collapse block”; to reverse, right-click on a collapsed block and select “Expand block”. This helps somewhat.

    AI version 1 had an actual debugger, of sorts, that enabled the programmer to view variable values on the Android device or emulator. But that went away with AI version 2. It would be great if they would bring that capability back to simplify debugging apps.

    The major new feature they’ve announced recently is the ability to create add-on extensions to App Inventor, which should lead – eventually – to third parties creating libraries of new routines we can use our own apps.


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