Using the Pedometer in MIT App Inventor

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2 Responses

  1. Mihai says:

    Hi dear Edward,

    I replicated this tutorial to learn about pedometer.

    A very interesting development would be to record in Firebase the steps and the distances walked, by hour, triggered by a clock, then draw some charts with the daily distances / steps during a month, an year, etc… also a daily alert to appear to urge the phone owner to walk more to fulfill his / her daily plan…

    Thus the average hourly speed is measured.

    Researches showed that if speeds over 5 km / hour for people over 70 yo, death couldn’t reach them.
    The condition for a healthy aging is to walk over 6000 strides / day with an average speed of over 3 km / hour.

    Take a look here



    • Edward M says:


      That is a very good idea for an App Inventor app – this can certainly be done using the pedometer and Firebase (or TinyWebDB) to store the data in a database to be used for drawing a chart of speed.

      I do a lot of running – but do not carry my phone with me while I run 🙂


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