Demonstration app for using FirebaseDB in AppInventor

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  1. Ozkan says:

    Hi, my name is Özkan , i am from İzmir in Turkey. I like using app inventor, i use it for 2 months.
    I know this is not about this post, but i have a question about the future of android. I have read an article that samsung will use its own OS, named Tizen, in its tablets and phones. Does it mean that android loses its ground and importance. Thanks…

    • Edward M says:

      Hi Özkan,

      Very good question!

      Today, the two predominant non PC device operating systems are
      Apple’s iOS

      Windows Phone has largely disappeared; we now have a universal Windows OS that runs on many devices.

      Tizen has a heritage that goes back to Linux, Intels’ Moblin, Nokia’s Maemo and the open source MeeGo operating systems. When Nokia selected Windows Phone OS, Nokia ended the Mameo project.

      Tizen OS development is supported by Samsung and Intel. Tizen has been around for several years but has not yet taken off in the market. Tizen looks a lot like Android, from a user perspective, but it natively supports HTML5 apps. HTML5 apps can run across many types of devices and operating systems – write once, run anywhere.

      Tizen OS, if successful, does not mean that Android is going away. Instead, it means there is a new OS for an expanding number of devices in the future.

      Just as Apple has their own OS, it seems possible that Samsung could also have their own Tizen OS.

      You can learn more about Tizen at


      • Ozkan says:

        it means we can not see android in samsung brands that are sold so many, i guess most of the developers will shift the htm5 mobile app. development because this encourages other mobile brands, like LG and lenovo etc, develop its own OS. Thanks for your reply….

  1. September 13, 2016

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