Using TimePicker and DatePicker for entering time and date information

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  1. Chloe says:

    How do you get the join tohave so many?????

    • Edward M says:

      Good question Chloe!

      Drag a Join text block in to the blocks editor.

      At the upper left of the Join block is a blue item with a little gear shape inside it. Click on the blue item and you will see a “pop up” menu drawing of the join block.

      At upper left you’ll see “String”. Click on that and drag it to below the 2 “String” items in the right side panel. You can drag as many “String” items as you want to add more join values into the combined string. Give that a try and let us know how that works!


  2. please i need a little help.. i’ve been working on an app for a while now .. it’s suppose to have about 90 . It’s a devotional which means i need each content to display on a particular day.. for instance ” as today is 4-5-2016, i have a particular content to display today then tomorrow it will display another content on and on like that…
    in summary a screen for a day , another screen for another day.. please how to i go about it thanks for your anticipated respnse

    • Edward M says:

      I wonder if you could use the TinyDB database for this?

      Use the date as the “tag” or key field, which you use to look up the text. Then store the text in the data value.

      Like this:
      Tag = “04-05-2016”
      Value = “text you want to display”

      Tag = “04-06-2016”
      Value = “text you want to display for next day”

      Pre-load the TinyDB with all the values you wish to use.

      Your app would then check the current date and use that to look up the corresponding text value in TinyDB.

      For a basic tutorial on using TinyDB, see

      How do you get the current date or time? I have not written a tutorial on that (yet) but in the Designer View, drag a Clock component (located in “Sensors”) to your app’s design view. The clock component will appear at the bottom as a “non-visible” component.

      In the Blocks editor, you can reference the clock component – click on Clock under “Components” and see a pop up of events, methods and properties available with the clock. You can find options to obtain the date and time from a current time “instance”. Use Clock1.Now to get a current time (and date) instance.

      I should write up a tutorial on using the Clock! I will add that to my list of topics!


  3. ahbat says:

    how to get the name of the day i.e sunday,monday,tuesday….?

  4. seghier says:

    is there a method to write date and it show the calendar ?
    for example 14/8/1998 and it show the full calendar

  1. August 1, 2016

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