Monthly Archive: November 2015

Scanning bar codes and QR Codes with App Inventor Apps 20

Scanning bar codes and QR Codes with App Inventor Apps

Overview App Inventor supports scanning of product identification “bar codes” and QR codes. Bar codes are typically found on consumer product packaging. QR codes are used for web addresses (so you can scan the...

TinyDB Database Manager 7

TinyDB Database Manager

Last night, I was working with a student app developer on our FIRST® Robotics team where I am a volunteer. Early testing of an app he is developing for the team had left some extra tags...

MIT App Inventor “Extensions” 0

MIT App Inventor “Extensions”

Some new “extension” features are available for testing in App Inventor at MIT App Inventor Extensions. The 4 extensions include vector addition, simple image processing, simple audio processing to identify the pitch of a sound,...

Measuring Android Power Consumption 4

Measuring Android Power Consumption

I did my software engineering Masters thesis (2012) on Android power management and I learned, as part of my research, that most app developers have no idea how much power their app demands from...

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